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    Welcome to CE China

    Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo

    CE China

    Consumer Electronics China (CE China), a global IFA event, is designed to be China's premier trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances brands in China. The show is a platform that unites international exhibitors with Chinese retailers who is keen to bring new products to their customers. By participating in CE China, exhibitors have the opportunity to place their products in front of valuable channel partners that can help grow sales in China as well as the rest of Asia. Not simply a technology or export fair, CE China has a strong focus on the needs of international brands, products and customers. With a strong retail focus, first-class exhibition space and pioneering media support, CE China will place its exhibitors firmly in the spotlight. Be sure to reserve your place at CE China to capitalise on opportunities in the lucrative China market and beyond.

    German Pavilion
    CE Summit 2020
    CE Summit 2020 successfully held. See you in 2021!
    IFA Retail University
    IFA Retail University is the brand new IFA Global Event, creating added value for and bringing together international brands and 500+ Asian retail representatives, among them the Chinese Retail Giant Suning. International brands exhibiting at IFA and CE China have the opportunity to present their products and strategies in 20-minute-Power-Briefings to our retail partners and provide training sessions, thereby increasing brand awareness and sales in East Asia.
    CE China will delve into the Asian e-commerce market. In fact, online sales in China has always been a global model, and the world's top brands have been working closely with CE China.
    CHEARI HA Award
    CHEARI held a home appliance innovation selection and award ceremony at CE China for the first time, encouraging more excellent brands to join CE China to showcase their original products.
    VR/AR Summit
    The summit was held on 20 September at CE China 2019 discussing the latest market trends of the industry.
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